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New Arrivals

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The Fall Birthing Season Has Begun!
Here's Our First. 
Born On November 5 And Weighing 15.9 Pounds.
It's A Suri Boy!  It's Mountain Dream's Rocky.


DSCN0005.JPG (707595 bytes) DSCN0008.JPG (645375 bytes)
Up We Go! The Herd Comes To Greet 
The Little One
(Look for the legs - he's in there!)

DSCN0011.JPG (682321 bytes) DSCN0015.JPG (1086649 bytes)
Posing For The Proud Owners Time For A Break

This Handsome Little Guy Is Owned By Poppy & Robert Keith Of Poppy's Paca Pastures.   They Are Currently Boarding Their Alpacas With Us At Mountain Dream.
Born On November 7 And Weighing 16.4 Pounds, 
He's A Nice Dark Brown Huacaya Boy.  It's Poppy's Primo Uno!


Primo_Uno_Standing.JPG (696421 bytes) Primo_Uno_Right.JPG (647644 bytes)
Taking That First Step Hey Look!  I Can Pose Too!

Primo_Uno_Left.JPG (659861 bytes) Primo_Uno_Sitting.JPG (691891 bytes)
Looking Around And Checking Out The Whole Pasture It's A Nice Day For Basking 
In The Sun

Here's Number Three.  Born on November 11 - Veteran's Day!
Weighing 11.4 Pounds, Sired By Peruvian Cartel,
It's A Girl!  And She's True Black!  Check Out Samantha's Cria


Samantha's Cria Sitting.JPG (680259 bytes) Samantha's Cria Head On.JPG (641008 bytes)
Crias Sit A Lot, You Know You Talkin' To Me?

Samantha's Cria In Coat.JPG (1175188 bytes)
Ahhh, This Is The Life

It's Another Boy!  
Born On November 15 And Weighing 14.2 Pounds,
He's Black Gold, 
He's Mountain Dream's Texas Tea!


Texas Tea.JPG (662692 bytes) Texas Tea 2.JPG (623057 bytes)
Hanging Out And Making Friends Sticking With Mom

Sakes Alive, It's Number Five!  And It's A Suri Girl!  
Born On November 16 And Weighing 12.4 Pounds, 
It's Mountain Dream's Apricot Rose!


Taking A Break After Birthing.JPG (677905 bytes) She's Up.JPG (1069497 bytes)
Taking A Break After Birthing Standing Up!

Proud Momma.JPG (842261 bytes) Smile.JPG (686192 bytes)
Proud Mamma! Smile For The Camera

Born On November 17 And Weighing 16.2 Pounds,
She's Number Six In Our Fall Cria Crop! 
Yes, It's A Girl!  It's Classy Lady's Cria!


Peachy I'm Coming Out.JPG (677556 bytes) Peachy Feed Me.JPG (616606 bytes)
I'm Coming Out! Feed Me!

Peachy Stretch.JPG (665646 bytes) Peachy They Love Me.JPG (635401 bytes)
Time To Stretch They Love Me!

This Little Guy Was Born On November 23 At 7:15 In The Evening
(Which Is Highly Unusual), Shortly Before A Hurricane-Like
Frontal Passage.  With The Wind Howling And Rain Blowing,  
We Rode Out The Storm Together In The Barn.
We Appropriately Call Him Storm!


Storm In Cria Coat.JPG (693150 bytes) Storm Standing.JPG (672263 bytes)
Morning After The Storm Howdy Folks

Storm And Friends.JPG (734803 bytes)
Meeting Some New Friends

This Little Gal Was Born On Thanksgiving Day,
Weighing 14.5 Pounds, She Delayed Lunch For A Few Hours!
She's Number Eight For The Month Of November. 
It's Fandango's Cria!  We Call Her Grace.


Heeeeere's Grace.JPG (805855 bytes) Grace Shortly After Birth.JPG (696585 bytes)
Heeeeere's Grace! Whew, Let Me Get My Breath

Grace Standing.JPG (660556 bytes) Grace And Mom.JPG (688699 bytes)
Strike A Pose Hanging Out With Mom

And Here They Are, All Eight Of The November Crias,
All Dressed Up And Running Rampant In The Pasture!


The Rowdy Bunch Cropped.jpg (477652 bytes)
The Rowdy Bunch!

But Wait, Don't Leave Yet - There's More!!
We Waited On This Little Girl To Be Born For What Seemed Like Forever!!  She Was Due In Mid December, So We Waited;
And We Waited.  Finally On January 23, 2005,
She Made Her Grand Entrance.  Weighing 12 Pounds,
We Call Her Diamond Lil.

Lil Standing In Cria Coat.JPG (647033 bytes)
Lil Snoozing.JPG (714292 bytes)
I Look Mischievous, Don't I? Nap Time

Lil & Vixen.JPG (628689 bytes) Lil & Vixen 2.JPG (654447 bytes)
Posing With Mom Cute?  Yep, That's Me!

Then Came February And We Had 2 More Moms That Were Due Early In The Month.  So Once Again We Waited; And The Moms Waited.  Everyone Waited Until I Was Gone To The TxOLAN Fort Worth Show.  Candace Stayed Home On Cria Watch And Got To Deliver Two Babies All By Herself!

Here's The First.  She Was Born On The Day That I Left For Fort Worth.  We've Named Her Chocolate Kiss   


Sticking With Mom.JPG (692572 bytes) Here I Come.JPG (655319 bytes)
Stickin' With Mom Here I Come!

And Here's The Second Cria.  He Decided To Arrive On The Day That I Returned From Fort Worth.  We've Named Him Starbuck.

Looking Around.JPG (1157651 bytes) Check Out That Smile.JPG (1081185 bytes)
Looking Around Check Out That Smile!


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