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Heading Out To Pasture

Hmmmm, What's This?
Heading_Out_To_Pasture.jpg (450070 bytes) Hmmmm Whats This 80%.jpg (171438 bytes)


Look! Over Here!

Me Me, I'm Next, Pick Me
Look Over There 85%.jpg (201001 bytes) Me Me Take Me Im Next 85%.jpg (154902 bytes)


A Close Encounter Of The Furred Kind
DSCN0078 Cropped.jpg (507966 bytes)


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Forrest's Photo Album

Shearing Day
Forrest_and_Candace_enhanced_detail.jpg (146523 bytes) Shearing_-_After.jpg (352989 bytes)


Dickens on the Strand
Dickens_Dec_2000_2.jpg (34647 bytes)

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Mountain Dream Alpacas
Larry & Candace Wingo
Waynesville, North Carolina  28785