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Boarding - Long Term

We feel we have the best boarding facility in our area.  We have large pastures for the alpacas to move around in and graze. This makes for happy and healthy animals.  We have a large barn which shelters all animals during bad weather, with fans for use during the summer heat.  We are a full time ranch and work here at the ranch instead of working another job off of the property.  This allows us to provide attentive, personalized care to all of our resident alpacas.  

With your purchase of any alpacas from our ranch, we include 90 days free boarding.  This gives you time to get your place ready before taking your alpacas home.  If you need more time to prepare or if you want to board your alpacas long term, we can provide this service too.

We would love to sell you your first alpacas, but should you purchase elsewhere, and want to board your alpacas with us short or long term, we would be happy to have your alpacas call Mountain Dream their home.

Boarding - Short Term

Do you need a break and want to take a vacation, but don't know what to do with your alpacas?  If you have a small to moderate size herd, we can board your alpacas while you take that much needed getaway. 


We have several local area clients that have their own ranch, but work full time during the day.  We board their pregnant moms short term each year from about a month prior to the mom's due date until they birth.  Once the new cria is stable and gaining weight, they are ready to return to their home ranch.  

During baby watch, which begins about 2 weeks prior to the theoretical due date, one of us is always on the premises from sunup until early evening, keeping a watchful eye on the expectant moms.  Although most births go without a hitch, you certainly don't want to wait almost an entire year and then have a birthing issue with no one around.  In that type of situation, there is potential to lose the cria and possibly the mom.  Rest easy.  Let us watch and birth your expectant moms.


We have quite a good success record performing rehabilitation on alpacas with a variety of issues.  We have taken several "Failure To Thrive" alpacas that everyone said would never amount to anything and turned them around.  We have also worked with heat stress issues, taking an alpaca that could not even walk, and getting them back on their feet, walking and grazing with the herd.


We have several nice herdsires of our own.  In addition, each year, we try to bring in Visiting Herdsires to offer diverse bloodlines that may not be as common or not even available in this part of the country.  When you are planning your next breeding season, check out Our Herdsires and also our Visiting Herdsires.

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